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Anakin Skywalker
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Lateat Scintillula Forsan
Perchance some small spark may lie concealed

From the Infities Universe-- Anakin survives ROTJ, gets a fresh-to-death white suit to reflect his ~new outlook~

((Following the canon of ROTJ: Infinities, Anakin does not kill the Emperor but he survives the Second Death Star and joins the New Republic, committing himself to hunting down the remnant of the Empire. He stands at 6'6", wears his new white armor, and is preceded by his eerie, raspy breathing. In the Force, Anakin's like a glass object that was smashed to pieces and then put back together wrong, things rearranged and shoved awkwardly into unnatural positions, and with the jagged ends sticking out when they aren't gouging some inner part of himself.))

thisisarea42-canon: And then gets turned young again by a digimon lol

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